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Renee Joselin Saénz Hernández

Física de Materiales • TECNICO TITULAR C
+52 (614) 439 4889 joselin.saenz@cimav.edu.mx Chihuahua, Chih.


Áreas de Interés

Últimas publicaciones

  • Disinfection mechanism of the photocatalytic activity of SnO2 thin films against Candida albicans, proposed from experimental and simulated perspectives

    Alejandro Faudoa-Arzate, Javier Camarillo-Cisneros, Alva Rocío Castillo-González, María Alejandra Favila-Pérez, Renee Joselin Sáenz-Hernández, Paula Rebeca Realyvazquez-Guevara, and Carlos Arzate-Quintana
    CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY, Vol.67. No.9. pp667-676 (2021)
  • Effects of thickness and thermal annealing of FeCoB thin films on ferromagnetic resonance and microwave propagation properties

    Alvaro Arteaga-Duran, Renee Sáenz-Hernandez, Carlos Santillan-Rodriguez, María Botello-Zubiate, María Grijalva-Castillo, Jose Matutes-Aquino
    IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, Vol.55. No.2. pp2800303 (2019)
  • Preparation of La0.7Ca0.3xSrxMnO3 Manganites by Four Synthesis Methods and Their Influence on the Magnetic Properties and Relative Cooling Power

    María E. Botello-Zubiate , María C. Grijalva-Castillo , Daniel Soto-Parra , Renee J. Sáenz-Hernández , Carlos R. Santillán-Rodríguez and José A. Matutes-Aquino
    MATERIALS, Vol.12. No.309. pp1-12 (2019)
  • First-Order Reversal Curve Study of SmFe2 Melt-Spun Ribbons

    María C. Grijalva-Castillo, Carlos R. Santillán-Rodríguez, Reneé J. Sáenz-Hernández , María E. Botello-Zubíate and José A. Matutes-Aquino
    MATERIALS, Vol.11. No.1804. pp1-9 (2018)
  • Sintering process effect on the magnetic behavior of vanadium-doped ZnO ceramics

    Rocío M. Gutiérrez-Pérez, José T. Holguín-Momaca, Renee J. Sáenz-Hernández, Carlos R. Santillán-Rodríguez, Francisco Espinosa-Magaña, José A. Matutes-Aquino and Sion F. Olive-Méndez*
  • HRTEM Microstructural Characterization of ô°ž-WO3 Thin Films Deposited by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering

    A. Faudoa-Arzate, A. Arteaga-Durán, R.J. Saenz-Hernández, M.E. Botello-Zubiate, P.R. Realyvazquez-Guevara and J.A. Matutes-Aquino
    MATERIALS, Vol.200. No.10. pp8 (2017)
  • Effect of Native Defects on Transport Properties in Non-Stoichiometric CoSb3

    Paula R. Realyvázquez-Guevara, Francisco J. Rivera-Gómez, Alejandro Faudoa-Arzate, María E. Botello-Zubiate, Renee J. Sáenz-Hernández, Carlos R. Santillán-Rodríguez and José A. Matutes-Aquino
    MATERIALS, Vol.287. No.10. pp11 (2017)